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Making Wood Pellets

Turnkey Wood Pellet Mill Systems

Whether softwood or hardwood, particle board or MDF, all our turnkey pellet mill systems are capable of making quality wood pellets. We have turnkey systems that take small chips, shavings, or CNC dust collector waste and transform them into quality, dust-free wood pellets with high BTU-value, low ash, and low fines.

We have solutions from 50 lb/hr up to 1+ tonnes/hr. Choose from 10-hp mills to 100-hp systems. All our mills come with the following in one package:

  • Material Feeders
  • Cooling
  • Conditioners
  • Screening
  • Steam Chamber
  • Pellet Mill

On top of this, we can offer pre-grinding and silo solutions for larger production bulk-bag and small-bag packaging lines to complement the system. Best of all, when you purchase one of our LM systems to make wood pellets, our team assembles your system at your facility and trains you on it. No guesswork!

10-HP Turnkey Wood Pellet Line

10-hp turnkey wood pellet line, cooling, & packaging systems.

100 HP-Turnkey Wood Pellet Line

100-hp turnkey wood pellet line, cooling, & packaging systems.

What A typical 20-HP Wood Pellet/Packaging Line Looks Like

Below is a single woodshop turnkey pellet mill in a USA correctional facility. From grinder and silo to 20-hp mill and packaging line, this system produces approximately 400-500lb/hr.

Line of Workers Wood Shop Turnkey Pellet Mill Area Flowing Pellets from Grinder and other Machines Packing Pellets into the Plastic

Common Questions Regarding Our Turnkey Pellet Mills & Wood Pellets

Q: Can any wood make pellets?

A: Yes! The key is that the woody biomass is under 13% moisture before pelleting.

Q: Do you offer drying solutions for wet or green wood?

A: While we do not build dryers, we have partnered with a company that supplies drying systems from 500 lb to 1 tonne per hour.

Packed Wooden Pellets

Q: What about bark? Is that an issue for pelleting?

A: Bark does not cause issues with pelleting (in fact it often helps as bark contains resins) however a significant amount of bark can lead to higher ash in the burning process and can create more wear on the die and rollers.

Q: Do we need to add binders?

A: Most of the time there should be no need to add binders when using our systems. The high torque and pressure created by our unique systems help release the natural lignins in the wood which is enough to bind the material together. In high-production cases, we recommend a small amount of mill conditioner/lubricant, not for binding purposes but to help the pellets release from the die quicker thus giving greater production and creating less wear and tear on the die.

Q: Do your turnkey pellet mills systems include installation?

A: Yes! All our LM Series of systems include installation and training at your facility at no extra cost.