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Pricing & Lease Options

Pricing & Lease Options For Pellet Making Systems

No need to break the bank! Our systems are affordable and long-lasting. Many operators see a return on their money within one year or less, depending on use.

For those who wish to spread their costs over time we have partnered with some of the best North American lease companies and agricultural lenders to assist in your purchase of a Lawson Mills product or system: National Leasing for Canadian customers  and North Star Leasing Company for United States customers.

Pellet Mills

All of our mills are 3-phase, 208-230V or 460V. The smaller units can be run on a phase converter or generator. All of the LM series mills include an anti-bridge feeder, conditioning arm, mill, screening, cooling, fines removal, and fines cast back for re-pelleting as well as setup and training.

Model Base Price* Additional Equipment Available
BN100 10-hp Pellet Mill (up to 250 lb/hr) With Moisture Injector † $13,400 Pellet Screener, Small Hammer Mill, & Packaging Conveyor
LM72A 10-hp Mill $40,985 Various Grinding & Pre Feed Silo Packages & Bagging Equipment
LMXT 20-hp Mill $51,350 Various Grinding & Pre Feed Silo Packages & Bagging Equipment
LMXTS 30-hp Mill $63,400 Various Grinding & Pre Feed Silo Packages & Bagging Equipment
LMXXT 40-hp Mill $76,800 Various Grinding & Pre Feed Silo Packages & Bagging Equipment
LM600 100-hp Mill $169,000 Various Grinding & Pre Feed Silo Packages & Bagging Equipment

*Depends on die type and voltage
†Does not include set up or install

Wood Pellet Full Line — Grind to Bagging Line

All of our wood pellet full-line systems include a grinder, silo (with auto feed sensors), anti-bridge feed system, fines screen and pellet cooler, fines return for waste recovery, conveyor to bagging system, manual bagger with overhead pellet silo, and bulk or small bag filling and sealing as well as installation and training at your facility.

Capacity Features Base Price*
500 lb/hr 3-Point Auto-Greaser & 20-hp Pellet Mill $135,000
1000 lb/hr 3-Point Auto-Greaser & 30-hp Pellet Mill $168,000
1500 lb/hr 4-Point Auto-Greaser & 40-hp Pellet Mill $210,000
2000 lb/hr $240,000


Hop Pellet System Prices 2017/18

Our turnkey LM series systems include a grind and catch silo, variable speed feeder, auto screen, and fines cast back.

System Features Recommended Capacity Base Price
10-hp BN Model Metering Pump Fines Collector, 5-hp Direct Drive Hammer Mill, & Drum Collection System (5-9 acres) 5-9 Acres $22,500*
10-hp BN Ultra Model 5-hp Grinder To BN, Silo Holds Up To 600 lb & Has A Built-In Agitator & Feed Auger, Screener, Moisture Pump (10-12 acres) 10-12 Acres $31,800*
20-hp Turnkey LM Series 10-hp Hammer Mill (10 -20 acres) 10-20 Acres $68,300 †
30-hp Turnkey LM Series 20-hp Multi-Grinder (20+ acres) 20+ Acres $85,600 †
40-hp Turnkey LM Series 30-hp Multi-Grinder (20+ acres, Up to 1000 lb/hr) 20+ Acres, Up To 1000 lb/hr $106,000 †
Bale processor The LM series of mills and the new hybrid BN 10-hp unit can also integrate our hops bale processor and mixing system. $8,900 (Bale Processor Without Final Grinder), $16,700 (Hops Mixer)

*Installation and training extra
†Installation and training included