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Low Temperature Hops Pelleting

The original low-temp, small-scale pellet mill for hops.

Quality Hops Pellet-Making Machinery For Your Peace of Mind

After some feedback from customers, we developed some new and exciting equipment for the hops industry. Thanks to our many hop growing customers for all your feedback!

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BN Hybrid Model

Our popular 10-hp Bonsai (BN) mill has had a facelift. We rounded off the inside of the feed hopper to prevent material filling the corners. We also added a screener and our new pre-feed grind and hopper, which allows hops customers to grind up to 500 lb at a time and auger feed to the mill line.

Lawson Mills started developing the low-temperature grind and pelleting hops mill in 2008. We developed a low-pressure system that allows growers to create premium brewery quality hops on site. We offer a variety of hops pelleting solutions for different production requirements.


You can choose from hops grinding and shattering equipment from our 3- to 10-hp hammer mill or 20- and 30-hp multi-grinder units capable of handling many 1000s of pounds of hops per hour. All our grinders come with our specially patented hops screen to prevent loss of lupulin and heat transfer while grinding.

Collection Systems

We offer a broad range of collection systems for the ground hops. Select from small barrel collectors as well as purpose-built collection silos. All systems collect the ground material and easily transfer either manually or mechanically to the mill line.

Fines Removal & Pellet Tumbling System

All our LM range of mills include a fines removal and pellet-tumbling system that removes waste material and cools the pellets close to ambient temperature. The fines removed in this process are not wasted; they are returned automatically to the feeder system on the mill to be re-pelleted.

Integrated Conveyors

We build to suit integrated conveyors and transporting systems for any type of bagging or storage feed application.

BN Hybrid Hops Grind Layout

The new BN hybrid hops grind/silo layout.

Hops Processing Equipment

Our 20-hp grinder to mill line for hops. We pride ourselves on the best low temp hops pellet making machinery. This line was also designed to allow the grinding of straw and hay bales so the mill can be used year round, not just during hops season.

Low Temp Hops Pellets
Quality pellets start with high-quality hops and are processed through high-quality equipment!

About Our Hops Mills

We have variously sized mills depending on the output required and the amount of labor you want to do. Our small BN line (10-hp) can be manually fed with ground hops and is ideal for the hobby farmer or small grower (up to 9 acres). Our LM range of products can manage up to 1000lb/hr of hops pelleting for larger commercial operations. Whether you buy small or large the results are the same: premium hops pellets with no heat damage and intact alpha acids and oils.

Our specially designed hops screen grinds the material to the perfect size for pelleting without generating heat. The lupulin and oils are spread evenly throughout the feedstock for perfectly even pellets.

It's the good life! Grinding and pelleting with our small BN range of hops pellet making machinery

Cascade Hops Label

Premium hops pellets without liquid nitrogen!

Hop Growers and Brew Masters

Hop growers and brew masters at our latest BN hops mill set up at the Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre.