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Biomass Grinding & Bagging Equipment

Grinding Equipment: Wood, Bales, Other, Hammer Mills From Small To Large

Our Multi-Grinder (MG) Series includes MGA, MGXT, and MGXTS grinding equipment. Our most popular grinding system is the small yet powerful Multi-Grinder series. The series features a hammer mill that has its own built-in air delivery, so the product is ground and transferred in one action. Please call or email for specifications.

Each grinder comes with a slow-start control panel, and the units have integrated hammers and blades as well as built-in vortex fins that propel the ground product over 50 ft. Each MG hammer mill has interchangeable screens that allow for different size reduction according to your need. These units are ideal for the following:

  • Cereal Straw & Grasses
  • Hops
  • Nut Shells
  • Bagasse
  • Grains/Hulls
  • Seeds
  • Wood Shavings & Small (Under 1-Inch Chips)
Front View of MG Hops Machine

Our latest design, easy clean MG for hops pelleting.

Our grinding equipment can reduce wood, bales, and other biomass material to a fine powder for pelleting. We have a large selection, from small hammer mills to large 75-hp grinders. Our MG models are adaptable to a variety of applications, including small bales. Our 30-hp MG is suitable for use as a suction grinder for wood shaving reduction, the finished product (1/4" minus) can be blown 20 ft upward to a silo. Each of our MG series units includes the following:

  • 4'' Hose Port for Product Removal
  • Hardened Steel Fixed Hammers and Blades
  • Premium Efficient High-Speed 3-Phase Motor

Specialty screens allow for perfect grinding of specific products. For instance, you can use our special low-temp hops screen for the beer industry.

Our Basic MG Prices

System Features Base Price
MGXT 20 hp, 208/220/460V (up to 1300 lb/hr), three-phase with dust cover, control panel, feed regulator for small square bales $14,900
MGXTS 30 hp, 208/220/460V (up to 1500 lb/hr), three-phase with dust cover, control panel, and feed regulator $17,900
MGXXT 75 hp, 460V (up to 1.5 tonnes/hr), three-phase with dust control and slow-starter control $28,400

To complement our MG series, we also build ground storage silos with integrated dust cyclone, auto feed controls, and attached augers (up to two) for automatically feeding our pellet mill range. All models are available in 575/600V on request (additional fees may apply).

BG1300 Large Bale Grinders Starting At $38,000

Our BG1300 is equipped with three powerful 10/20-hp (depending on model) grinding motors. This system can take large, round (up to 5 ft) or large, square (4 ft wide) bales and process them down in a two-stage operation to 1/4" minus straw dust. Our bale grinders feature low energy consumption and auto feed controls and are designed with dust control in mind. Bale grinders large and small are the best option for reducing your material for pelleting.

Each bale grinder, when coupled with our XTS finishing grinder, can produce up to 2200lb/hr* of finished material ready to pelletize. BG1300 specs are as follows:

  • Total Weight: 2000 lb
  • Belt & Chain Drive Motors: Two 1/2-hp with gearbox reduction
  • 3-Phase Motors: Three 10/20-hp premium efficient 208/220/460V
  • Auto-Feed Control Panel: One with QPS-certified touch screen)
  • Main Body Dimensions: 10.0 ft x 4.5 ft (additional feed roller platform) 8.0 ft x 4.5 ft

*All production rates vary depending on screen size, feedstock quality, moisture content, and feed rates. Production amounts cannot be guaranteed on all bale grinders large and small and wood grinders. A one-year limited warranty applies to all our new equipment. See warranty page for details.

Small Motor Hammer Mills

Easy to load, small yet powerful 7-hp or 10-hp motor hammer mills for shavings or other small reduction jobs. Grind down to 1/4 inch minus. Easy clean screen access and inbuilt blowing action to collection drum or bin.

SHM2 Unit

SHM 2: Our newly designed small hammer mill, ideal for breaking down hops, fruit pits, seed, wood shavings, and grains.


Find the pellet bagging systems to suit your needs: bulk bag filling and 10- to 100-lb weigh scale filling.

KP Conveyor Bulk Bag Filler Starting At $4,600

Our KP Conveyor fits at the end of any of our LM line of pelleting systems and is designed to feed bulk bags or other conveyors. Made from high-grade sheet steel, it incorporates premium bearings and is built to last. It is gear driven and uses a premium efficiency 1-hp motor. The conveyor is controlled through the pellet mill control panel and can be designed in various lengths and flight options. Need to adjust the speed? We can build the KP with variable speed controls.

LMP Manual Or Semi-Automated Packaging Line Starting At $12,000

We build beam-scale and or semi-automated packaging lines that can pack pellets in 10- to 100-lb bags. The bagged product is conveyed to a heat sealer (ribbon or hot air) or sowing unit. Depending on need, the systems can be built to accept bulk bags or custom steel hoppers can be built above for accepting pellets straight from the line up to 1 tonne.

LMP Manual System

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